Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Travel to Bhutan, landed at the airport Courage Big Scary World


Paro Airport is the only airport in Paro, Bhutan. The airport is located between the hills of the Himalayas as high as 5,500 meters. It took guts if you want to travel here.

Paro Airport, you will experience turbulence is not like most. Required a professional pilot who has had special linsensi to land a plane at the airport.

Different sensations you will feel when the plane began to land on a runway. As you know, the airport runway was quite scary because one of the shortest in the world. However, a stressful experience that you experienced during landing be paid by the tourist destination in the country.

Paro places that you can make as a tourist destination, including Paro Dzong. Paro dzong is a symbol depicting the religious side of this city. This place has been established since 1646. Paro Dzong is a building which shows the strong culture of the royal architecture of touch shown.

In the tower located at the top of the Paro Dzong, the National Museum Buthan there. The museum is one of the newly built tourist destination. The museum collection contains quite a lot of the weapons used by the royal, stamps, animals, such as birds and mammals, are also not behind the works of art exhibited typical Buthan so beautiful, including artifacts.

Taktshang Lhakang (Tiger's Nest) to other places you must visit in Buthan. This site is the most important religious site in Buthan. It is located approximately 80 km from Paro, the monastery stands at the edge of a cliff. It makes it more unique.

To go to this monastery, you need to go through the deserted because only certain tourists who are interested to go into here, other Buddhists. Taktsang Lhakang is a place where the residents believed that Guru Rimpoche was present many millions of years before the legend of the tiger. For the development of tourism, the government has set up an angle Buthan that you can use to relax while drinking coffee and enjoying the beauty of the view from the corner of this place.

When the right time comes to Buthan is when spring arrives. In the spring, every year there was a very famous festival in Buthan. Tshechu named Paro Festival is held to commemorate the arrival of Guru Rimpoche to Paro Valley in the 8th century. Festival held in ParoDzong is a kind of festival mask filled with musical entertainment and dancing in memory of the past.

A trip would not be complete without purchasing a souvenir. If you want to shop, you can go to the market held every weekend or small shops scattered here. The merchants will offer a wide antique silver, local products, woven fabrics, and antiques from Tibet and India. If you want to take it for a gift, you need a certificate made by the local government.

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