Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Long Neck tribe, Controversial Tourist Attractions in Thailand


Described by many as a "human zoo", the place is located in the north of Thailand. Is a tribe in the village of Padaung Karen presenting controversial tourist attraction.

Of the name the girl with "long neck", they are five years old with brass rings piled on her neck. The brass ring will continue to grow in line with their age.

The effect obtained is getting their chest and shoulders down. This gives them the impression of a longer neck than normal neck. By paying a sum of money, a travel agency will usually invite tourists to visit villages in the hills.

Some people support the tourism program on the grounds that maintaining culture in Thailand in the eyes of world travelers. However, other groups balked because they think it is a form of exploitation of women and children. In fact, there are some people who are not native Thailand, go to this place in order to earn money.

The documentary, "Silent Hope" highlight the plight of these women. The dialogue in the film mentions that Karen Padaung village women wear brass rings around the neck to carry on the tradition with sincere feelings. However, sincerity is being used by some travel agents to increase profits. The village does not get any benefit because no one has had access to electricity, roads, health, and even schools.

"Women receive only a fraction of the profits received by the travel company. Most of the money goes to the travel company. The girls will never be able to choose not to follow this tradition, "said the opinions of a reader, as quoted by the Times Thailand Chiang Rai pages.

Tribal village of Baan Tong Luang opened was opened in 2005 in the northern province of Mae Rim Ciang Mai, home to six tribes in Thailand. Visitors must pay 500 Baht to enter. Once inside, they can take photos and buy trinkets from the souvenir shop owned by the villagers. However, the attraction of the village is still the long-necked Padaung women.

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