Wednesday, October 3, 2012

El Nido, Palawan Island, Philippines


Southeast Asia does save a lot of beautiful tourist locations. The Philippines is one of them. The beauty of this country is less exposed in foreign countries, unlike Thailand with Phuket or Bali Indonesia with her​​.

Though the Philippines is also an island nation with beaches and beautiful islands are hidden. One is El Nido, Palawan Island is a beach located on the west end of the Philippines.

With white chalk cliffs stand above the sparkling white sandy beaches welcome the crystal clear ocean water with tropical fish brightly colored, this place is perfect for relaxing on the beach while enjoying the spectacular sunset.

Around El Nido many other small islands that you can visit one by one. To get to this island, you can rent a boat or using a tour package that has been provided in the city. There you can laze on the white sand deserted beaches, or kayak into quiet coves while enjoying lunch.

The beauty of El Nido is not only above, but also under the sea. Take the time to dive in and spend time with reef fishes are pretty colorful, beautiful coral reefs and if lucky you may run into a dolphin and shark fins and white.

You can also see directly the activities of local people in the process to make a bird's nest bird's nest soup, a typical Chinese delicacies. El Nido itself in Spanish has the meaning 'nest'.

Indeed, so far El Nido is still quiet of foreign tourists due to reach this place needs a long way. To get here, you have to use a plane from Manila for Coron first, then on the road for 6-7 hours to El Nido by boat.

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