Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The charm of Latvia, Most Beautiful Country in the World


Not long ago, Latvia was chosen as the most beautiful country in the world based on a poll in cyberspace. How to charm the beauty?

Latvia is a country located in northern Europe. Latvia has a white sand stretching along the coast as well as yellow sand beaches that are along the beach Tuja. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Latvia also has thousands of creeks and beautiful lakes to enjoy.

There are also several places in the country to be a very attractive tourist destination. Places, among them Rundale Palace, located in the middle of a lush Zemgale Plains in southern Latvia. With beautiful architecture, the palace has become one of the most prominent monuments in Latvia. Built approximately 1740, this palace was originally intended to stay the king and queen during the summer. Most of the decorations were the work of Italian artists and German copyright.

Today, the palace is used as a place to study the history of Latvia through a collection of paintings. Rundale increasingly look beautiful with French-style garden filled with rose gardens, fountains and greenery in front of him. A beautiful garden can be enjoyed by the general public. Even in the summer, the park was used as a festival.

Besides Rundale palace, there are beautiful buildings towering named Aglona Basilica. The building was built in the style of Baroque is decorated with two 60 meters tall towers on either side. This site is one of the most sacred sites in the world. A touch of white on all parts of the building makes it more spectacular.

Kuldiga is a charming small town in the Kurzeme nan. City center were developed in the 17th century is even more beautiful with the old buildings made from wood that lined the streets Kuldiga. Currently, the old town and bridge Kuldiga contained red brick across the river Venta including UNESCO world heritage candidate. Even this city is famous for the widest waterfall in Europe, and referred to as the Venice Latvia due Aleksupite river that flows through the buildings in this city.

Turaida Museum is one of the heritage that is in Latvia. Regions with an area of ​​42 hectares, it covers archeology, beautiful architecture, historic monuments, and all the events that explain the history of the 11th century. Located 50 km from Riga, the capital of Latvia, the building is famous for its beautiful surroundings. Turaida locals in the ancient language means "garden of God". When viewed from the air in the fall, like a ship Turaida majestic fort built of red brick. Turaida Church is one of the oldest churches in the country, was allegedly the church has been built since 1750.

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