Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Bongeunsa Temple of South Korean


Fill your holiday with a trip to the City of Gangnam towards cultural tourism. Gangnam has Bongeunsa Temple full of history and Pulmuone Kimchi Museum which is a reflection of South Korean society.

Want to try other tourist attractions that are different from other tours? You can visit the temple Bongeunsa. One of the largest Buddhist temple is located opposite the COEX Mall.

Outside the temple, you can see a statue of Maitreya white solid. 23 meter tall Buddha statue is one of the largest in South Korea. Many tourists and local people worship in this temple because most Koreans are Buddhists.

Bongeunsa Temple is one of the oldest existing temple in Gangnam. This temple was built in 794 during the reign of the kingdom of Silla. In 1939, the majority of the original buildings of the temple was burned when the Japanese invaded. Over time, the temple was renovated and rebuilt.

Bongeunsa Temple consists of several parts, the Dae-ungjeon, yeongsanjeon, Panjeon, Myeongbujeon, and Mireukjeon. Outside Mireukjeon or The Buddha Maitreya Hall is standing while the surrounding area is used for certain ceremonies.

To be able to enter the temple, you do not need to pay or free! In fact, there are attractive offers given this temple. Program live in the temple became the mainstay of the program offered to the tourists. The cost depends on how long you will be staying at the temple.

These activities include touring the temples, tea ceremony (Da-do), meditation, and make a lotus flower. If you are planning to attend this event, do not use an open dress socks and use.

The temple is open every day from 03.00 till 22.00. Time to come to this temple is that when Buddha Birth Day celebration, because at that time there will be a lotus lantern festival. The festival lasts for three days, with beautiful lanterns on display at this temple for 10 consecutive days.

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