Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ageless with bath in the Fountain of Youth


When you watch the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides Ton, you must be familiar with the Fountain of Youth at the center of conflict film starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. Apparently, the magic fountain is indeed real and tangible.

In Florida, the United States, there is a tourist site which is very interesting and full of history. Place is the Fountain of Youth. This fountain is precisely located in the south border of Alabama.

Fountain of Youth is famous is legendary. The fountain was discovered by the Spanish in the 1500s. Juan Ponce de Leon, who named this peninsula with the name La Florida (which later became the name of the state of Florida), believed to be the first European to reach Florida.

Told that de Leon around the world to get to the fountain, which is believed to have a property to make people who drink the water to be ageless. But history also mentions that de Leon never make it to this fountain.

Currently, the Fountain of Youth is better known by the name of Ponce de Leon Springs State Park. The fountain is in the spring that produces 14 million gallons of water. Throughout the year, the water temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.

The fountain is surrounded by trees around it, adding to the cool atmosphere. Is this fountain efficacious ageless as his legend? has never been scientifically proven, but the cold water is certainly making visitors feel as fresh as a young back.

Basic fountain is sand and limestone were obvious from the turquoise water. Activities that can be done here is a picnic, snorkeling, swimming and observing wildlife in the vicinity. Fountain is especially crowded in the spring.

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