Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nagsasa Cove Beach, Hidden Destinations of the Philippines


The Philippines is probably still less popular than Bali and Thailand. But apparently this island nation also save a lot of 'treasure' is hidden travel destinations shores.

One of the hidden treasures in the Philippines is the West Coast of Luzon. This tourist destination named Nagsasa Cove Beach, which is located away from the bustle of Manila. This was despite the calm waters from the waters of the South China Sea strong currents.

Nagsasa Cove you will not find in any tourist guide book, even if you ask the citizens of Manila, they may not even know the existence of this place.

Nagsasa Cove was formed by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Pine seedlings in mountain flying to a place that became Nagsasa Cove today and start a new life there comes a calm water surface reflects the shadows of the surrounding mountains, as well as a waterfall that flows into a river that ended up in the beach. Hard to believe that this place is as quiet as possible because the eruptions.

The journey to Nagsasa Cove can be started from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. With motor vehicle for 3-4 hour drive, you will arrive in the city of San Antonio. Then the journey continued with trishaw ride for 20 minutes to Barangay San Miguel. To get Nagsasa Cove trip will end with a motorized boat for 30 minutes.

The ride was quite long, but the equivalent of a 'treasure' you'll find here. Visits to Nagsasa Cove for someone who prioritizes privacy and tranquility.

But unfortunately, the secret Nagsasa Cove began to unfold, as the local news bloggers Philippines. Take the time to visit this place before full silent serenity feel lost.

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