Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cappadocia, Seeing cities from Air Balloon Fairy


Cappadocia, a city located in Central Turkey, famous for its unique composition of the rock formations. Because of its uniqueness, this area is also referred to as the "house elves" by tourists.

This unique rock formations formed from volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago, resulting in an open and hot lava rocks formed with the help of water and natural breezes.

In ancient times, the rock is hollowed into caves by ancient humans to protect them from the weather and wild animals. As a result, the architecture of this stone now looks like a city carved in the rocks.

"The City" on the rocks is the main attraction for tourists themselves. Generally Capadocia crowded in summer, especially in September when the grape harvest and also the holding of Cappadocia Folk Festival, and also Oct. enlivened by the Air Balloon Festival.

Air Balloon Festival is the most amazing sights in Cappadocia. Tourists can take up this balloon, while enjoying the beautiful view of Cappadocia rocks above the height of 1,500 feet. Travel Air Balloon itself is available throughout the year, only adapted to the air and is better if it can be enjoyed with a suitable season. Looking at the overall landscape of beautiful and unique Cappadocia is best when done from the wind with this balloon.

To reach Cappadocia is also relatively easy. The city can be reached by overnight bus journey from the city of Istanbul and Ankara. This bus can also take tourists berkekliling into beautiful small towns that are not less interesting than such Uçhisar Cappadocia, Göreme, Avanos or Ürgüp.

To participate in a hot air balloon ride is also easy, because many travel agencies that offer travel packages complete with surround air balloon tours Cappadocia.

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